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Discover Murphslife Botanical Farm and Eco Resort

Located in the heart of El Salvador, the Murphslife Botanical Farm and Eco Resort is a pinnacle of sustainability and tranquility. We are dedicated to nurturing nature and empowering communities. Join us for an unforgettable experience where lush landscapes meet life-changing opportunities.

About Our Botanical Farm

When I found this abandoned farm in the mountains above Jauyua in El Salvador it had been used as the local trash dump for many years. I had a vision that our community would turn this forgotten paradise into the collective expression of your love on Earth for generations to come.

You may have seen my stories over the past year while we have been working on the farm. So far we have:

  • cleaned up years worth of trash that was dumped and buried
  • cleared 20 acres of invasive thorn-ridden undergrowth
  • earthworks to conserve the soil from erosion
  • planted protective grasses to prevent erosion and keep invasives at bay
  • began construction on a beautiful restaurant with canopy views of the Santa Ana Volcano straight off a postcard
  • began construction on volunteer rooms
  • began construction on housing for our local staff
  • began construction on the first small bed and breakfast suites of many to come

Plant your favorite fruit tree!

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Coming in 2024

Explore Our Gardens

Soon you will be able to wander through beautifully curated pathways, uncover hidden treasures and revel in bursts of color at every turn. Allow our expert guides to immerse you in the fascinating world of botany and share the inspiring transformations within our community.

Dine at Our Restaurant

Experience the true essence of farm-to-table dining at our on-site restaurant. Enjoy meals prepared with fresh, organic ingredients, seasoned with local flavors, and crafted by native chefs passionate about their culinary heritage.

Stay With Us

Choose between the comfort of our boutique hotel and the adventurous spirit of our upscale glamping accommodations. Both options offer serene garden views and a harmonious blend of comfort and nature.

At Murphslife Botanical Farm and Eco Resort, every visit enhances both your life and the local community's welfare. Indulge in the natural beauty, immerse in the culture, and contribute to a brighter future for the people of El Salvador.

Join us at Murphslife Botanical Farm and Eco Resort—where travel meets transformation.

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