Sponsor a family

Sponsor a Family in Latin America

Murph connects families in Latin America with donors around the world to house, educate, and invest in developing communities.

By sponsoring a family for just $50 a month, you can make a lasting impact on their lives and help break the cycle of poverty.

How Your Sponsorship Helps

  • Provide safe and secure housing for families
  • Ensure access to quality education for children and adults
  • Invest in community development projects
  • Support our communities family's basic needs, such as food and healthcare

Make a Difference Today

Your monthly subscription of $50 will directly support a family in need, giving them hope for a brighter future. Join us in our mission to transform lives and communities in Latin America.

Sponsor a Family

Want to do more?

Let us know how you would like to help and we will make sure your donation has the biggest impact possible. Send us a message and let us know how we can help.

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